Jewelry handcrafted with intention

Let our necklaces guide you toward balance and beauty of action.  They are symbols of love, talismans of strength, reminders of our inner work.

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Silver pendant with blue gem and slider with a geometric design

Every necklace contains layers of intention worked into the design by hand.

Tossy making jewelry

Aperta’s Focus Necklaces are designed to compliment your desires and intentions.  You can also  PERSONALIZE your necklace by selecting a symbol that resonates with you, as well as a special gemstone, making it fully your own.

You can also choose to have a meaningful word or phrase engraved on the back to bring your intention into focus.

Learn more about WHO WE ARE and HOW WE CREATE our small-batch, ethical, high-quality jewelry.

Looking for something a little different in mind? We can create one-of-a-kind jewelry tailored to your style and personal intentions.
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