Since this journal is designed to give you insight into the philosophy and production of Aperta Jewelry’s Gems of Intention, let’s start with the big picture. I’m Tossy; womxn, partner, mother, and creator. I live in the wilds of Vermont with my husband and two boys; when I’m not designing jewelry I enjoy gardening, dancing, cross-country skiing and raising a family on our little homestead. I started a fledgling jewelry design business straight out of college (I’m so proud of that younger self!), which I have grown over the past 20 years as Tossi Jewelry, focusing on custom engagement and wedding rings.

Aperta Jewelry is the next step in that career, born out of the two constants in my life; the love of creating objects both useful and beautiful, and the search for meaning in that creation. The best moments in my business have been when a customer or client takes the time to write me about a personal connection they have formed with my jewelry. One might expect that from wedding bands- indeed, my custom process is designed to imbue each ring with its own creation story, so that it contains a history and connection with the couple before it is given as a symbol of commitment. Sometimes, however, the most heartfelt notes come from someone who purchased one of my designs years before- perhaps a line I have long since discontinued. Hearing how a humble silver pendant I made has become a talisman of inner strength, of family connection, or of hope gives my soul joy and throws a sparkling
light on the power of creative connection.

The vision for Aperta Jewelry brings this spirit into a brand and business structure that will allow me to focus on design creation and individual/community connection. The Gems of Intention (the broad name for all the Aperta necklaces) are designed as physical bridges between intention and action, between thought and creation. Half meditation tool and half adornment, the necklaces combine beauty and function through their layers of intention worked into each piece by hand. The bail, or upper ‘slide’ part of the necklace, is hand-carved around particular symbolism and cast in recycled precious metal. These slides can stand on their own (great for layering, everyday wear and younger womxn), but the full Gems of Intention also have a pendant that holds a complementary gemstone and can be engraved with a short phrase.

I have always been a searcher, and a questioner. Its how I approach the world, and how I find meaning. Aperta (pronounced ah-PAIR-tah) means “open” in Italian, using the feminine form of the adjective. Being open to new ideas, to other perspectives, and to change can be difficult, but an open heart is essential to personal growth. The meanings behind Aperta’s Gems of Intention arise from my own life experiences and those of friends, or are gleaned from history/herstory and philosophical ideas. My goal for Aperta Jewelry is to provide support for womxn’s empowerment and growth as individuals through the Gem of Intention necklaces, and also to create a larger community to support each other and foster social change. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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