I wish I were as eloquent as Dant√© Stewart in expressing the multitude of conflicting feelings I have right now. If you didn’t hear his interview on NPR’s show “Here and Now,” I highly recommend it. It gives voice to the internal struggle between (and necessity of) grief, despair, desire for change, fear, optimism, and numbness, and how its important to honor our humanity in all those states.

As a creative person, I sometimes struggle with not playing a larger role in change. Creating beauty often doesn’t feel like enough in a country that is moving in a direction of fear and control instead of support and opportunity. As I get older, I’ve also started to think of myself as a connector. I’m not the most socially adept person (and remembering names and faces pose a particular challenge), but I do enjoy forging connections with people. I like talking with people who are different than I am, and learning about the many layers of talents and interests that drive and inspire them. Its for this reason that I don’t post or share divisive content on social media, no matter how much truth I see in it. Here is a short video of my thoughts yesterday as I was struggling with the banality of going to work in a heavy world:

We are all of us more than our beliefs. What we do with those beliefs- the actions, expressions of love, and force of creation we bring to the world- will define how we think about our lives. The more we find connection with each other, the more we feel that our unique gifts belong, and contribute, to the world… and the more we help others feel that way too. It is my fervent hope that through interpersonal connection and creating thoughtful, meaningful art, I can have a small positive impact on the world.

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