A sketch in two stages of a gold pendant with a leaf pattern and gems
Gold leaf slide necklace with stones



Custom jewelry is a fun, and often surprisingly affordable, option for an idea that you can’t find already made. More importantly, a custom jewelry piece often has great personal significance, giving the piece meaning that makes it more than just an accessory.

In terms of intention jewelry, a design can be created around specific symbolism, such as a flower or spirit animal. You can also weave loved ones, like family members or close friends, into a more abstract design you keep close to your heart. There really are no limits with custom design because the realm is your imagination.

We can work around your budget and ideas to create a design perfect for you.

Custom swirled purple Charoite pendant necklace in gold with botanical design
Gold custom pendant necklace reading "Love Courage Action"


Pricing for a silver pendant or ring starts at $350, but we create in all precious metals, including rose gold and platinum. We can work around your budget and ideas to create a design perfect for you or a loved one.

The Custom Process

There are two aspects to the custom process: ideas and physical creation. The idea, or design, phase often takes a while since there is a lot of brainstorming, feedback, and adjusting of designs. It is a fun and collaborative process that can be driven by your own design or Tossy’s interpretation of your ideas/intentions.

The actual jewelry creation is a focused time which takes place in my studio. I often use this time to meditate on the intentions going into each piece. Custom intention jewelry usually takes about 3 months from start to finish, although this timeline can be affected by the amount of designing we do together, as well as my workload.

The Creation Process

To achieve my signature sculptural look, I hand-carve my designs in wax to make “master models,” which are then cast in your choice of precious metals. For more in-depth designs, I may also incorporate fabrication, engraving, or specialty stone-setting. I can supply a wide array of stones with a focus on ethically-mined and US-mined gems. I also offer designing around your heirloom gemstones to breathe new life into old, unworn family jewelry!

I take photos along the way to involve you in the process–even if we are working long-distance–and I’m always open to questions! Your custom intention jewelry is created with a story that will only grow with time as you wear it.


When the last corner is polished and the last gemstone is set, I mail your custom jewelry directly to you using insured USPS or UPS. If you’re lucky enough to be in Vermont we can also arrange in person pickup.

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"Our daughter loves her necklace! [It was] just what we'd hoped for!"
-Celia C.
"The [custom] wave necklaces were a huge hit at my wedding... from what I hear all [my bridesmaids] have been wearing theirs since."
-Kelly L.
"I have been getting so many compliments on my [jewelry]- it really is so beautiful and exactly what I wanted."
-Sylvia F.