“Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear.” – Iris Apfel

Ms. Apfel may have been referring to visual transformation, and jewelry can certainly do that. However, even the most subtle pieces of jewelry can carry the power of internal transformation.

We’ve all had the experience of putting on a piece of clothing, shoes, or jewelry that fits the situation, and us, so well that they lend us an immediate feeling of confidence. Aperta Jewelry strives to take that feeling one step further; through connecting with our inner journey, our desires and struggles and celebrations, each Gem of Intention calls to you both visually and symbolically. You can use the jewelry, through touch or visual cues, to remind you of a meditation, an intention, or a feeling that you’d like to cultivate. Through practice and repetition we change our internal dialogue toward a more positive conversation.

When you need a special message…

Custom intention jewelry is not just about the finished piece. Its about the process, discovering the right style, symbolism, gemstone(s), and even words that are right for you. Through the personal, intimate creation process, you become part of the design and feel a connection with your jewelry. Why would you want custom intention jewelry? Let’s explore a few ideas!

The piece pictured above is a custom necklace I made as a gift to myself on my 40th birthday. Even the act of giving this to myself felt like a radical symbol for what I wanted out of the next phase of my life: to provide for myself and family, to feel successful and celebrate that success. The front of the piece is all about family. My children, marriage, and self are all symbolized through leaves, gemstones and a flower. My two children are a maple leaf and oak leaf, along with blue and orange sapphires (not their birthstones, but what felt right). My marriage is a small diamond placed along a line of flowing, wavy water since it is ever changing and with ebbs and flows, but also a solid sparkly thing. My diamond is blooming in its own flower, separate from but connected to the others. The large charoite gemstone symbolizes the ability to bring spirit to a loving presence on one’s life, and also accepting ourselves and others despite any negativity or limitations we have. The back of the piece, as a little ‘secret’ I hand-carved the words “love, courage, action” as concrete reminders of the path toward that successful feeling I am cultivating. A mantra for this era of my life, it helps me focus on my values and goals when I am faced with a hard decision or challenge.

Custom Graduation Necklace
Custom Wedding Necklace
Custom Infinity Bracelet

I have made so many other meaningful custom jewelry designs, and always feel honored to play a small part in life’s commemorations. A gift from a grandmother to special granddaughter, allowing her to custom design an intention necklace to celebrate her highschool graduation; wedding jewelry with beautiful symbolism; a man’s leather bracelet celebrating travels and life; commemorating a dear pet; reusing old family gemstones to keep legacies and older generations with us; and so many more. Some custom design processes radiate joy and hope, and I love to share and amplify that light. Some processes glow with a softer, more internal light- tears, stories, and sad smiles are all met with compassion and acceptance during the design journey.

Necklaces are a classic piece of intention jewelry because they hang near your heart and are also easy to see and touch… bracelets, rings, sometimes earrings and even pins can all make excellent intention jewelry! I think of custom jewelry a bit like a tattoo… meant to mark a time or event… except jewelry is more sparkly and easier to take off! I would love to talk with you about designing a piece of custom intention jewelry- Contact me to set up a free initial consultation to explore your ideas!

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