In the design highlight series I will introduce each Aperta necklace, share the story behind the Gem of Intention, and give a peek into my creative process!

Healing… and snakes. Why? Most of us are familiar with the snake as a symbol of Western Medicine, from the Rod of Asclepius, but snakes as a symbol have a wider, and even more ancient, connection with healing. Through the process of healing (bodily or in spirit), we shed a literal or methaphorical skin that binds and restricts us, forming an obvious parallel to snakes.

Snakes are a powerful symbol, and have represented many things to people across cultures and times including fertility, creation, and death. However, the symbol of renewal is one that occurs repeatedly and in many places. I know many people are afraid of snakes, or just don’t like the way they move… and they can certainly be dangerous in many parts of the world. Perhaps that danger is part of what makes snakes as a symbol so powerful; the physical danger juxtaposed with equally powerful spiritual healing. As an adult I’ve learned to see their presence as symbolizing vital energy and healing, and have drawn on this power during times of uncomfortable mental/spiritual healing myself. I won’t say that the snake image healed me (that came from lots of support, patience, and hard work), but it did provide a connection to my inner vitality and faith in my ability to shed the old, protective skin that was binding my spirit. I hope, even if you’re not a fan of snakes in real life, that you can use their power as a symbol to draw on your own ability to renew and heal, and receive any support that you need to do so.

I put so much positive energy into carving this little friend. She’s actively moving, to reflect our journeys, and of course has Aperta’s signature heart on the back.

There were many gems I could have chosen to support healing, but citrine seemed to compliment this design the most. It emits strong positive energy and does not retain negative energy, helping with the inevitable ups and downs of a healing path. It is also known to stimulate laughter… aside from the old adage of being the best medicine, laughter helps reset our perpective if we’re feeling stuck in that old skin. It also helps us connect and bond with others; a sense of connection and support is vital to any healing process. Like all Aperta Jewelry’s gemstones, this citine is ethically sourced and cut.

Made with an open heart; wear with love!

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