In the design highlight series I will introduce each Aperta necklace, share the story behind the Gem of Intention, and give a peek into my creative process! First up: Space

What kind of space to we occupy in the world? When I think about this question, I think on two levels; physical body space and creating/holding space in the world for our selves and others.

The physical aspect can include the degree of comfort and acceptance we have with how our physical bodies move through life. I think most of us are working toward a place of loving, or at least accepting, our bodies. The things I used to tell myself were “too _____” about my body I now view either as part of what makes me me or as challenges I can learn to accept and even (on good days) appreciate for what they teach me. An example of this is (drumroll please) armpit hair. When my doctor told me in my 30s that the swollen lymph nodes in my armpits weren’t anything to worry about but that I could try not shaving to avoid irritating the skin, I still worried plenty but did stop shaving because it helped. I still occasionally feel uncomfortable, especially in professional settings or in a new social group, aware that people make various assumptions about hairy-pitted women. I am learning, when I notice that insecurity, to take a deep breath and focus on bringing my inner light forward- which helps people get to know me and possibly even adjust any stereotypes they might have. You might have different bodily challenges or discomforts, but I hope as more of us learn to bring our whole selves forward despite our inner judges we will learn to see ourselves and others with compassion. Additional muses for this design are Britney Spears and Kate Winslet, for their insistence (as they grow older and wiser) on showing their bodies and faces in the public eye as they are, without photoshopping.

Creating and holding space for ourselves and others can require even more courage and practice. Whether we would like to feel more able to speak about our own viewpoints in a discussion or hold space for someone else we see is holding back or not being heard, this intention takes a lot of focus. It is so easy to let a moment slip by, frozen in the feeling that something isn’t being recognized, only to realize later what specifically was happening and what we could have said or done to help bring that forward. This intention is a big work in progress for me, as a formerly shy (current) introvert; I admire anyone who speaks up respectfully when they feel something needs to be said or space needs to be held for someone else’s words.

Designing the Space Pendant

If the Space Pendant had a byline, it would be “Let Your Light Shine”… in bringing ourselves to the world, we encourage others to do the same. The specific symbolism of the slide is of a circle- representing our full selves- with ripples to indicate our uniqueness, flowing around the circle to show how we can express ourselves fully along with others doing the same. The symbolism came to me quickly as I pondered the feeling of letting my inner light shine, and appreciating others doing the same. I chose amethyst for this design because of its regal connotations (channeling royalty helps me hold my own space!) and because it is a stone that helps bring centering in the body and strength in the outer world along with calm and peace. Here I am, carving the texture on the wax model for this design:

If this design speaks to you, you can find it here to see more photos (including the modeled photo with my arms open despite the peek of my armpit). It is available both as a full pendant with the amethyst gemstone and as the textured silver slide which is great for a simple everyday piece or for layering with other necklaces. Aperta Jewelry loves creating unique personal designs so if you’d like this piece with a different gemstone, the slide cast in 14K gold, or even using this idea as a jumping off point for a custom design, just be in touch and let us know what you’re thinking. Cheers to an open heart, and letting our lights shine!!!

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