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Please note: These necklaces are all handmade in small batches! When a piece is marked “in stock” it means we have all the components for creating it; the necklace is still made to order and may take up to 2 weeks to ship. If the necklace is marked “out of stock” you can still order it but it may take 4-6 weeks to receive all parts and build your design. You will receive a notification that the item is on “backorder.” If you need an item shipped quickly, please contact us to assure we can meet your time frame.

Sight Pendant

On our path, we sometimes lose touch with the ability to see, whether it is looking forward, looking inward, or looking around us to recognize the true place others hold in the world. It is both the honor of our individual contributions and the humble place, however small, in the larger energy of the world. The third eye symbol of the bail comes from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions and supports the long-revered wisdom gained from meditation. This symbolism is deepened by the wisdom embodied in Lapis Lazuli. Lapis can help in understanding spiritual mysteries and attuning to greater consciousness and awakening. Choose your own engraving on the back, leave it plain, or go with our recommended mantra Om Namah Shivaya. For more about this mantra, read our journal here. This chanting is the one that I connected with and listened to while carving this piece. I happened to be carving this bail during the 2020 election cycle and its accompanying social tensions. Listening and singing along with the chanting brought me larger insight, connectedness, and peace with my place in the world.

The full Gem of Intention Pendants include a sculptural slide on the top, hand-carved mini-sculptures with specific symbolism to each design. Like all Gems of Intention, they feature a little carved heart on the back- from my open heart to yours! The pendant underneath showcases a beautiful gemstone that is chosen to compliment the necklace’s meaning and intention. You can leave the back of your pendant blank, choose our recommended engraving (that we think compliments the intention), or personalize it with your own short phrase!


In stock (can be backordered)

"The [jewelry] looks great and my wife loves it!"
-Micah B.
"Thank you so much for the perfect piece of jewelry for my wife. The [necklace] came out great... it really is an encompassing symbol given from me."
-Josh S.
"Thank you so much for... this stunning piece of jewelry that I get to look at everyday and remember all that I learned and experienced and ways that I grew while I was [in college]."
-Jennifer G.