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Voice Pendant

The Voice Pendant focuses on using our voices to uplift and spread joy. Like a flame, our voices can transform and ignite positive change, but also have the potential to be destructive if not used with care. Music is a strong and connecting force; I weave musical symbolism into the 5 lines of a musical staff, the stylized swirl of Beethoven’s hand-written treble clef (which I also imagined as our own voice rising up), and the music note of the pendant. Song of course is wider, deeper, and older than any one culture, but I also want to pay homage to the Black American tradition of song as protest, catalyst, praise, and joy. This tradition weaves in many of the elements that I wanted to achieve in the Voice design.

Rhodolite Garnet supports the fire aspect of this design. Garnet can enhance internal fire, helping to bring creativity to outward completion. It also, amazingly, can attune us with the responsibility of personal freedom (read that one twice!) and spark cooperation in times of change. It is also a stone of love, which of course works well in any situation.

You can always request a different gemstone, just ask! Another that works well with this intention is blue topaz since it supports the throat chakra and helps us communicate consciously and clearly.


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"The [jewelry] looks great and my wife loves it!"
-Micah B.
"Thank you so much for the perfect piece of jewelry for my wife. The [necklace] came out great... it really is an encompassing symbol given from me."
-Josh S.
"Thank you so much for... this stunning piece of jewelry that I get to look at everyday and remember all that I learned and experienced and ways that I grew while I was [in college]."
-Jennifer G.