Which Gem of Intention is right for you?

There is no “correct” answer- you might resonate with a description or be drawn to a certain gemstone. You might come looking for a specific intention or just like the look of a design. They are all valid ways to choose your necklace!

If you don’t see a intention represented here that you are looking for, CONTACT US. We might make your design next! You can also request a CUSTOMIZED gemstone in an existing design or start designing a fully custom piece. Don’t be shy about reaching out, we love to hear from you!

Please note: These necklaces are all handmade in small batches! When a piece is marked “in stock” it means we have all the components for creating it; the necklace is still made to order and may take up to 2 weeks to ship. If the necklace is marked “out of stock” you can still order it but it may take 4-6 weeks to receive all parts and build your design. You will receive a notification that the item is on “backorder.” If you need an item shipped quickly, please contact us to assure we can meet your time frame.

View all our chain lengths, metals, clasps, choices of gems as well as examples of inscriptions and examples of customization.