Meet Tossy

Tossy Garrett is an accomplished jewelry designer, artist, and business owner located in Vermont. For twenty years, Tossy has created bespoke sculptural engagement and wedding rings as well as meaningful personal jewelry.

One of the cornerstones of Tossy’s work is that each piece she creates is handmade. A lover of philosophy and an avid student of different cultures, Tossy infuses her travel experiences from Italy, Turkey, India, and Ireland into her work, creating layers of thought and intention that go into each of her designs.

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Tossy making jewelry
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Tossy is also dedicated to environmental safety and sustainability. All of her gemstones are ethically-sourced and she only uses high-quality, recycled precious metals.


Tossy making jewelry
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The Meaning of "Aperta"

Aperta means “Open” in Italian – in the feminine form – and is pronounced ah-pair-tah (with the most Italian accent you can muster). A mindset of openness is essential in order to achieve change in our lives.

This name, and the intention behind it, is the essence of all of Tossy’s designs.

"The [jewelry] looks great and my wife loves it!"
-Micah B.
"Our daughter loves her necklace! [It was] just what we'd hoped for!"
-Celia C.
"Thank you so much for the perfect piece of jewelry for my wife. The [necklace] came out great... it really is an encompassing symbol given from me."
-Josh S.